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Accepted submissions

MDSD Today 2008 Proceedings
The printed workshop proceedings containing submissions can be obtained at Amazon.

Formalization of QVT-Relations: OCL-based Static Semantics and Alloy-based Validation Miguel Garcia research slides
Erweiterung eines MDSD-Systems zur Unterstützung von Produktlinien duch Feature-Modelle Rolf-Helge Pfeiffer, Peter Hänsgen research slides
How to make legacy code MDSD-ready Robert Walter, Oliver Haase research slides
Process Model Editing Support Using Eclipse Modeling Project Tools René Wörzberger, Thomas Heer research slides
Development of a domain-specific language for model transformations and its application to a model migration problem Benjamin Diedrichsen research missing
Multi Model Storage using EMF and GMF Helge Klimek research slides
Towards EMF Ecore based Meta Model Evolution and Model Co-Evolution Moritz Eysholdt research slides
.modellzentrierterTest - Systematisierung und Effizienzsteigerung durch den Einsatz von Modellen Ekaterina Herzog, Florian Prester, Günther Klebes industrial slides
Staying safe and sound thanks to MDSD (Dank MDSD gesund und vital bis ins hohe Alter) Andreas Kaltenbach, Karsten Thoms industrial slides
Industrielle Sensoren mit MDSD entwickeln Bernhard Merkle industrial slides

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